monthly bookkeeping checklist

As part of your Monthly Bookkeeping Checklist, your bookkeeper should also record individual credit card purchases and revenue transactions. This is important because they will be part of your tax documents.

monthly bookkeeping checklist

Also, there is nothing wrong with adjusting those goals to meet the current business climate. If you have outstanding, past due invoices, you’ll want to follow up on payment at least once a month . If there are any outstanding payments, reach out to your customers before the end of the year to successfully close your books. Business owners are responsible for sending this form to the IRS. Employers are required to provide the form to their employees no later than January 31st, so that employees have enough time to file their taxes. Reviewing bank and credit card statements to confirm that they match. Save money without sacrificing features you need for your business.

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Make sure your invoices include a due date, so that you are paid on time and your bookkeeper can correctly calculate your company’s revenue for the month. Next, we check to see what sort of ancillary systems, software, or apps the company is using in addition to their bookkeeping and accounting system. Some of these systems might be “plugged into” their existing payroll or bookkeeping system, and others might be used outside of payroll and bookkeeping. Systems could include expense management, time tracking, payroll, payment or bill pay, equity management, sales and use tax, sales compensation, and the like. Be sure to include an “aging” column to separate “open invoices” by the number of days a bill is past due.

monthly bookkeeping checklist

If payment is significantly late and a reminder has already been sent, following up more frequently may be merited. Bookkeeping tasks provide the records and analysis necessary to understand a business’s monthly bookkeeping checklist finances. This list of bookkeeping tasks may seem daunting, but they’re doable with proper planning and scheduling. To start, here are nine bookkeeping duties you should do every week.

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This is to make sure that everything that happened in your bank account is recorded in QBO, and that everything recorded in QBO happened in your account. Given how tricky taxes can be, we always recommend hiring a professional to ensure everything is done properly. When computing your profit and loss, you’ll want to do so on both an individual level and for your business as a whole. Responses are not provided or commissioned by the vendor or bank advertiser.

  • Each week, you should check-in with yourself to assess how well you’re performing in this regard.
  • While you’re at it, you’ll identify trouble spots and make adjustments to improve sales and margins.
  • Read on for a breakdown of essential bookkeeping tasks to keep your small business finances in order.
  • Alternatively, I could also create a spreadsheet of these items and email it to them, especially if they are remote.
  • One of the benefits of using a payroll provider is that they will handle any 1099-MISC forms or W-2s, so you’re covered on that front.
  • Much of the reason is because it is paper-based and not automated.

In addition to managing expenses, business owners must also maintain payroll and oversee employees. Bookkeeping tasks can be done via accounting software, applications like Microsoft Excel, or the old-fashioned way in a ledger.

Accurate and timely Monthly Bookkeeping is necessary to keep your business running smoothly. And your bookkeeping is crucial when it comes to applying for financing and doing taxes. If you can’t afford a full-time employee to manage your bookkeeping needs, hire an experienced, professional bookkeeper. At QuickBooks, our business accounting software is intuitive and easy to use, to ensure you can achieve these tasks with ease. From managing your taxes to generating financial reports, our business accounting software can make running your business easier than ever. Take a look at the accounting duties you will have to manage for your business below.

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Contact your state’s department of revenue to find out how to make payroll deposits and file the proper forms. Payroll – If you only have a few employees, payroll shouldn’t be that difficult. Just make sure your tax tables are updated and the software should make the proper withholdings for you. The good news is that as a fixed-rate client, if I get these tasks done in a shorter amount of time, I’m making a higher hourly rate. One of the questions I get a lot from other bookkeepers starting out is how much to charge clients.

  • Maintenance of this process will help you continue to strive to collect all money your company is due.
  • If you can’t do these yourself or can’t afford to hire a full-time employee, consider hiring a professional bookkeeper.
  • You will also want to include the accounts receivable and accounts payable summary reports for their review.
  • From depositing bill receivables to issuing receipts to customers at the end of the day, bookkeepers have to manage your business invoices daily.
  • You know how much to charge, and your client knows what to expect.

I learned this from taking my QuickBooks Online recertification. If you are in QuickBooks and go to the left side to “overview” and then go to “business performance,” there are about ten graphs that you and your client may find really helpful. For example, one of them is a line plotting your net income for the year and comparing it to last year, and it can even compare it to other industries in the client’s area. Anything that I don’t know what it is goes into a category called, “Ask My Accountant.” I would email these transactions to my client or bring them when I meet with them. I do periodically meet with this client, and sometimes we tackle these questions at that meet up. At some point in the month, I need to get the deposit book from them so I can record all the income information for them. As a bookkeeper you don’t always have to do it that way, but it is best practice to enter checks before they show up in the bank feeds.

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Once you’ve collected any outstanding payments, you can close out your books for the year. You always want to have a handle on your business’ cash flow; you want to know how much cash is coming in, how much cash is going out, and how much cash you have on hand. That’s why, every day, it’s important to review your cash position, both at the beginning and the end of the day. If your business stores inventory, perform an end of year inventory count to make sure your totals match your Balance Sheet and your books. This review will provide insight for waste and loss management, as well as reduce inaccuracies in inventory counts and receivings.

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Make Accounting Part of Your Business’s Routine.

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Standardizing your accounting process is a vital part of scaling your accounting firm. If you have not prepared a budget, compare your current year-to-date P&L with the same prior period, year-to-date income statement to identify variances and make adjustments. Having this simple process and workflow in place that can evolve and be customized will save you time in the long run, minimize errors and save your firm money. Here’s a quick breakdown of each item on the Bookkeeping Checklist to help you understand a bit more about how to accomplish these tasks for your organization. No assurance is given that the information is comprehensive in its coverage or that it’s suitable in dealing with each individual’s particular situation. Kayla Prusinski does not hold a Certified Public Accountant or similar license. This blog article is to provide general information only, does not constitute tax or legal advice, and cannot be used or substituted for tax or legal advice.

Adcon Business Solutions will assist in managing expenses, transactions, and record keeping in order to help your business operate smoothly. With over 20 years of experience, Reema and her team at Adcon Business Solutions are trusted by dozens of businesses to advise, assist, and design effective accounting solutions. We do this throughout Orange County, Inland Empire, LA County, San Bernardino, and the surrounding areas of California.

#7 Record And Prepare Sales Tax Returns

For example, don’t just put a Walmart transaction in the Office Supplies Category. Go ahead and take the extra step to put “Walmart” in the vendor box as well.

It’s easy to lose track of customer invoices when you don’t have a set schedule for sending them. Carving out a specific time each week to complete this task will help you keep tabs on who owes what. Not only are you the CEO, you’re also the head of marketing, finance, sales, customer service, and human resources.

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This will give you a good idea of what your cash position will be tomorrow. Review your revenue and expenses with this report, also known as the Income Statement. Compare to the previous month and previous year to identify if you’re on track with a projected budget. As the year draws to a close, we’ve put together a bookkeeping year-end checklist to help you get your books ready for the new year.

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And sometimes you can work so hard it’s easy to lose sight of the big picture. Our monthly checklist will ensure you keep your business on track.