Having perspective a few, a great linear regression research showed a main effectation of MVD into sexiness from underclothes (t = step 3

We forecast that women that have a fairly straight down lover well worth than just their lover carry out statement higher sexiness away from underclothes across the all about three contexts.

Anticipate 3a.

For context one, a linear regression indicated a main effect of intent for sexual activity on sexiness of underclothes (t = -6.32; p < .001) and a main effect of MVD on sexiness of underclothes (t = 3.59; p < .001); however, we found no interaction effect between intent and MVD on sexiness of underclothes. In contrast to prediction 3a, the directionality of the MVD t-value indicates that women who have similar or higher relative mate value to their partners reported wearing sexier underwear.

Anticipate 3b.

63; p < .001). Additionally, we found no interaction effect between initiation and MVD on sexiness of underclothes. Again, the t-value direction shows no support for prediction 3b: women who have similar or higher relative mate value to their partners reported wearing sexier underclothes.

Anticipate 3c.

Having context about three, an excellent linear regression https://datingranking.net/cs/jackd-recenze/ data displayed no effectation of MVD into sexiness away from underclothes through the an ideal intimate stumble on. Prediction 3c was not supported.

Exploratory research regarding MVD

To better understand the role of mate value with intimate apparel, we performed an exploratory analysis on independent self and partner mate values in relation to intimate apparel during the most recent sexual encounter, relationship commitment, and relationship satisfaction. Results indicated that partner mate value (B = .45, SE = .13, p = .001); self mate value (B = .86, SE = .12, p < .001); commitment (B = .54, SE = .21, p = .01); and relationship satisfaction (B = .36, SE = .11, p < .001) were all independent, significant predictors for sexiness of underclothes. However, when controlling for partner mate value, commitment, and relationship satisfaction, self mate value was the only predictor for sexiness of underclothes (B = .87, SE = .14, p < .001), indicating a full mediating effect of self mate value on intimate apparel use in context two. All these results show that a woman's own mate value predicts her use of intimate apparel during her most recent sexual encounter despite her partner's mate value, her commitment to the relationship, and her relationship satisfaction.

After that investigation showed similar outcomes for each other contexts you to definitely and three, demonstrating that good female’s detected partner worthy of identifies her accessibility underwear beyond your perspective out of the woman latest partnership. However, a diagnosis away from matchmaking partnership suggests that women who be much more committed to their matchmaking and also a negative MVD (their particular companion worth is actually lower than their lover’s) involved with so much more entry to horny underclothes throughout their newest intimate come across (B = -.thirty five, SE = .sixteen, p = .03) but not through the contexts you to definitely or around three.


The goal of this research was to select ladies accessibility underwear due to the fact a delicate sexual rule regarding proceptivity and you will receptivity during the heterosexual personal dating; not, all of our conclusions suggest underwear you will suffice some other mission towards the feamales in this study. I predict that ladies would wear sexier lingerie when they questioned to-be intimately effective if in case launching sexual intercourse. Feamales in this research performed in fact report using hotter underwear when intending to become sexually energetic later one to date, but ladies’ use of intimate apparel didn’t notably sign up to intimate initiation. I also predicted that if a great woman’s identified spouse really worth are apparently below her partner’s, she would be more gonna fool around with lingerie in order to rule the woman proceptivity and you can receptivity. In contrast, we unearthed that whenever an excellent woman’s relative lover value is comparable so you’re able to or higher than just–although not below–her partner’s partner really worth, she stated putting on sexier undies across the about three contexts.