Something FWB – Friends with benefits DAO?

FWB no longer is an argued debate, at the very least not when you look at the web3 room. Here it has got unique pair of prerequisite , and still, absolutely no-strings-attached.

$FWB is actually a personal area token that gives collective community and development along. It’s a self-organized, creative, and net native neighborhood that enshrines human beings standards at its center and creates remarkable products cooperatively.

Company with importance is actually a community of musicians and artists, creators, thinkers, and people who is leading web3 improvement. FWB is a bridge between designers / designers in addition to innovation that drives grip and fosters collective mission. FWB token takes on a beneficial role within this economic climate, produces a culture in which everyone included has a shared body in online game. Paving the road for token-permissioned forums while maintaining the high quality as you go along.

A community-driven DAO

  • SHARED IDENTITIES – FWB encourages every associate introducing by themselves into people. They leads to better correspondence and identification of special skills and skills that the representative delivers towards the area.
  • RANGE – FWB greets range, every associate from any back ground is respected and treated similarly. These are generally ready to accept a myriad of conversation that gives an effective discourse.
  • ADDITION – FWB people enjoys big high-profile people which happen to be additionally subject material specialists. Nonetheless, a good thing that community does try manage everyone the exact same, whether a veteran or a newbie.
  • OBLIGATIONS – The community is primarily self-policed; which means the moderators will not monitor every message, however if you’re discover accountable, you will be penalized. Ergo try to maintain the community decorum assuming there is nevertheless one thing unresolved, help your self with DMs.
  • SATISFACTION – Members feels self-confident and comfortable with the FWB society. Right here you can easily understanding serious conversations and actionable ideas, although you can share their own personal encounters as well. It is a point of the reality that the community members become obliged to adhere to the collection of standards and never perform unequal things that interrupt the peaceful environment with the FWB community.

These concepts become the base of the community. The greater number of they might be followed and introduced, the greater amount of town grows bigger, stronger, and best.

How exactly does FWB perform?

  • Governance – they includes the $FWB token holders who vote for your changes in the DAO and engage with the governance through forums.
  • Board – The Board features mixed entities like team members, advisors, and society people exactly who consider creating effective strategies for neighborhood building. The token holdings incentivize the advisors.
  • Group causes – Team frontrunners are the ones members which manage the group of members. They have been picked on factor of their previous knowledge. They approve funds for bounties or payoff, put essential goals, and collaborative profits.
  • Contributors -They will be the users keeping the $FWB token. Contributors power the team through active involvement and are usually compensated according to their contribution amount.

How does these teams manage?

Contributors have obvious telephone calls to motion to participate the group based on their unique skill sets and passion. Group frontrunners setup weekly private group meetings with panel advisors to talk about problems, priorities, and KPIs. Group leaders and panel members are accountable to governance through monthly town hall conferences with modern updates and community discussion.

Each group gets spending budget using the proposals. Resources varies according to the worthiness that’s created. Every team commander receives a set wages whilst members communicate the residual funds centered on their own sum levels. These are typically paid based on the benefits they enhance the professionals. Professionals frontrunners propose latest teams whenever requisite, and town hallway appointment decides to grant authorization or otherwise not. The success of every staff is calculated because of the productive synergy of each personnel user that leads towards forums progress.

The FWB token

The $FWB token is the portal into FWB DAO which links like-minded people united for a collective reason.

$FWB token provides a way to obtain 1M (formerly 10M) & can’t be minted more. It absolutely was also known as $FWB traditional token, today substituted for $FWB pro token. 59% on the overall tokens are located in flow, 35.6percent is actually booked for any area treasury, 19.9% is actually for the team and 4.4% for the exchangeability lords.


Most music artists push an entertaining tradition with the small inturn. Web3 brings incentivization system for any singer leverage technology & systems. Web3 is a port to a culturally influential lessons brought by decentralized techniques and eradicate the power that lies in the fingers of limited visitors. Inside product, visitors on the internet will come along and change the direction they establish and fund community.

With FWB, It will be possible to open up the gates to immersive experience and special products which will navigate all of us one stage further of personal connections and relationships.